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Innovative Hydronics Solutions offers the latest in heating and cooling system fluid regulating equipment without the use of chemicals according to VDI 2035 and IAPMO/ANSI H1001.1. This long-term environmentally conscious solution protects and optimizes your system and its components, increasing energy savings due to optimal heat transfer.


Unfavorable system fluid values can occur in every heating and cooling system due to oxygen ingest, an unbalanced pH value or increased electrical conductivity. This leads to rust and silting of the system. On systems that are sludged up, the heat transfer is reduced and valuable energy is lost. Damage can occur to system components such as control valves, circulator pumps and heat exchangers. Corrosion can also damage the boiler, radiators and piping. Flow noises can be caused due to corrosion-related gas formation.


Adding chemicals which are hard to handle, is not necessary. Desired pH value will be reached by self-alkalization. Only if the pH-value does not reach a desired range after 12 months a conditioning may be considered. It is recommended that the pH value of the heating water be checked after 8-12 weeks but no later than during the next annual maintenance. Only if inspection shows the pH value of the heating water to be considerably lower than 8.2 should chemicals be implemented.

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