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Innovative Hydronic Solutions offers products, education and support for professional parts utilized in non-chemical corrosion control and hydronic heating system fluid treatment. All products are designed according to VDI 2035 and the high purity water system/non-chemical standards of IAPMO/ANSI H1001.1.

We offer a complete solution for Water Treatment without the use of chemicals.

→  Analyzing 


Heating and cooling system fluids may consist of many different components. Magnetic’s professional measuring-kit has all the tools needed for the quick analysis of system fluid. This means heating water analysis can be done quickly at the customer’s site and immediate recommendations can be discussed.

  • Portable analysis kit
  • Calibration fluids
  • Measuring Instruments
  • Measuring Computer
Portable Analysis Kit with calibration fluids and measuring instruments

Filling Stations: Basic Mobil Mini, Basic Mobil Plus, Profi Mobil Plus

→  Filling Stations


Remove undesirable components such as iron and calcium from heating and cooling system fluids according to VDI 2035. We carry a range of filling stations dependent upon your requirements.

  • Basic Mobil Mini Mini (USA Market/Service Industry only)
  • Basic Mobil Mini
  • Basic Mobil Pro
  • Profi Mobil Plus

→  Refilling Stations (Nachfüllstation, NF)


Permanently install refilling stations that remove undesirable components such as iron and calcium from heating and cooling system fluids according to VDI 2035. Refill stations are deemed necessary in order to maintain your investment and document the gallons of fluid replaced between inspections. We carry a range of refilling stations to fit your needs.

  • NF 2
  • NF 6
  • NF 12
  • NF 25
  • Demineralization Cartridge 300
  • Demineralization Cartridge 1000
Refilling Stations: NF 2, NF 6, NF 12, Demineralization Cartridge 300

Magnetic PREMIUM Mixed-Bed Resin

→  Premium Resin


Specially developed for the treatment of heating water according to VDI 2035. Not all resin is created equal. You cannot tell the quality of a mixed-bed resin by its appearance. That is why every delivery is examined in Magnetic’s laboratory to determine whether the resin also meets the standards that Magnetic promises you. The resin is only dispatched when this hurdle has been overcome.


The quality of the resin determines the quality of the heating water. It is particularly important not to compromise. That is why we only deliver resin of the highest quality standard. Since the quality of mixed-bed resin cannot be seen optically, Magnetic’s mixed-bed resin PREMIUM is subjected to an internal quality control with every batch. In this way we ensure that our resin really meets the standard that we promise. Each vacuumed pack of mixed-bed resin has a QR code and a link with which you can view the quality certificate for each batch.

  • Vacuum packed to maintain capacity
  • Optimal mixing ratio
  • Supports self-alkalization (pH value increase)
  • Certification verifiable via QR code
  • Ideally suited for all materials, especially for aluminum
  • 100% non-regenerated resin

→  Heating Water Regulators (HWR)


The heating water regulating (HWR) device provides long-term regulation of system fluid and the reliable prevention of new deposits and corrosion. This not only saves energy, but also reduces the risk of damage from corrosion products to vital system components. The HWR eliminates causes of corrosion and sludge formation especially in heating systems that are open to diffusion and therefore have an increased risk of corrosion. A non-chemical solution for treatment of system fluid.


We carry a range of HWR’s dependent upon your system capacity and oxygen ingest levels.

  • HWR Compact Plus (up to 130 gallons system content* & diffusion-tight)
  • HWR 10 Plus (up to 130 gallons system content*)
  • HWR 15 Plus (up to 390 gallons system content*)
  • HWR 25 Plus (up to 1,300 gallons system content*)
  • HWR 50 Plus (up to 3,900 gallons system content*)
  • HWR 100 Plus (up to 9,200 gallons system content*)

* System water content = heating capacity in kW x factor 20. Buffer storage tank can usually be omitted.

Heating Water Regulators (HWR): Compact Plus, 10 Plus, 15 Plus, 25 Plus

Scale Transformers

→  Scale Transformers


Non-chemical treatment of limescale.


In the magnetic scale transformer, water flows through specially oriented magnetic fields. The structure of calcium is changed so that it can no longer form deposits in pipes.


Without the magnetic scale transformer, hard water is visible in the kitchen and bathroom where limescale can be seen in the form of scale on taps, in the water kettle, etc. and there is an increased consumption of soap, detergents, and cleaners to combat the problem.


Limescale causes the biggest damage where you cannot visibly see it: in the pipes and the hot water system. This is where layer after layer of limescale forms, resulting in expensive repairs, maintenance work and increased operation costs.