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Specially developed for the treatment of heating water according to VDI 2035. Not all resin is created equal. You cannot tell the quality of a mixed-bed resin by its appearance. That is why every delivery is examined in Magnetic’s laboratory to determine whether the resin also meets the standards that Magnetic promises you. The resin is only dispatched when this hurdle has been overcome.


The quality of the resin determines the quality of the heating water. It is particularly important not to compromise. That is why we only deliver resin of the highest quality standard. Since the quality of mixed-bed resin cannot be seen optically, Magnetic’s mixed-bed resin PREMIUM is subjected to an internal quality control with every batch. In this way we ensure that our resin really meets the standard that we promise. Each vacuumed pack of mixed-bed resin has a QR code and a link with which you can view the quality certificate for each batch.

  • Vacuum packed to maintain capacity
  • Optimal mixing ratio
  • Supports self-alkalization (pH value increase)
  • Certification verifiable via QR code
  • Ideally suited for all materials, especially for aluminum
  • 100% non-regenerated resin
Magnetic PREMIUM Mixed-Bed Resin