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The heating water regulating (HWR) device provides long-term regulation of system fluid and the reliable prevention of new deposits and corrosion. This not only saves energy, but also reduces the risk of damage from corrosion products to vital system components. The HWR eliminates causes of corrosion and sludge formation especially in heating systems that are open to diffusion and therefore have an increased risk of corrosion. A non-chemical solution for treatment of system fluid.


We carry a range of HWR’s dependent upon your system capacity and oxygen ingest levels.

  • HWR Compact Plus (up to 130 gallons system content* & diffusion-tight)
  • HWR 10 Plus (up to 130 gallons system content*)
  • HWR 15 Plus (up to 390 gallons system content*)
  • HWR 25 Plus (up to 1,300 gallons system content*)
  • HWR 50 Plus (up to 3,900 gallons system content*)
  • HWR 100 Plus (up to 9,200 gallons system content*)

* System water content = heating capacity in kW x factor 20. Buffer storage tank can usually be omitted.

Heating Water Regulators (HWR): Compact Plus, 10 Plus, 15 Plus, 25 Plus

Degasser, dirt separator and pH value regulation in one

Principal of Sacrificial Anodes


Anode Protection - Minimized and Stabilized

Stabilizes the pH value and minimizes oxygen

The reaction tank of the heating water regulator HWR plus is equipped with a specially developed sacrificial anode. The oxygen is forced to connect to the sacrificial anode by means of a self-galvanic current. This brings the pH value into an optimal range.


The HWR produces alkaline water with a minimal concentration of oxygen.


Permanent control of the heating water and the performance of the anode

The aggressiveness of the heating water is constantly monitored and displayed via a measuring device. The HWR plus heating water regulator can regulate the water optimally.